Fuel Use Forecast

The forecast estimates fuel consumption in Iceland for the period 2008-2050. The consumption is divided into domestic useage as well as that for international transport, and estimated both for several consumption goups and various fuel types. All fossil fuels are imported and oil has by far the largest share of fuel imports.

Alternative Fuels

Iceland's production of alternative fuels is expected to increase over the long term. Iceland is self-sufficient regarding electricity and heating, and becoming self-sufficient regarding fuel is economically as well as environmentally desirable.


Fuel Use

One of the tasks of the Icleandic National Energy Authority, is to collect data on fuel use. The usage is divided into five main categories: vehicles, aeroplanes, fishing vessels, transportation vessels and industry.

The numbers include domestic usage as well as that for international transport.

Legal and Regulatory Framework

According to Act on the National Energy Authority one of the main roles of the Authority is to gather data on energy resources and other mineral and water resources, their utilisation and the energy utilisation of Iceland, to preserve the data and to disseminate the information to the authorities and the public.