Projects awarded by Hydrocarbon Research Fund

A list of projects that have been awarded by the fund can be found here below. The final reports on the projects are published on the web as soon as they have been approved by Orkustofnun. The time frame of the projects is generally less than 2 years.

Year of grant
Project title  Duration (yr)
Grant amount (ISK)
Iceland GeoSurvey
Maturation modelling of the Jan Mayen Micro Continent: quantifying the thermal influence of igneous activity associated with a dual rift system on a potential hydrocarbon system - Phase I: Thermal modelling
Heriot-Watt University
Evaluating the geological structure and hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Jan Mayen (Dreki) Region, offshore Iceland
1 1/4
Iceland GeoSurvey
Seismic Investigation of the Central East Greenland Margin, structural tie and sediment fairway analysis to the western margin of the Jan Mayen Micro-continent  2 10,100,000
Elís Svavarsson Public opinion toward oil exploraiton and production in the Dreki Area
 1 1,000,000